Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Doctor update

We just got done seeing the team of doctors. The biopsy shows the liver is in "moderate" rejection. Moderate is the middle of the 3 levels. The blood work is showing the liver is improving but we need to do 2 more Prednisone doses tonight and tomorrow morning before any decisions are made. Once that is done they will do liver levels again. If things are still going well we could be headed home tomorrow night. If not then we start working from there.


Rejection: When Aimée received her new liver the body was fighting it as a foreign object in the body (as all do) so she takes a bunch of steroids. This is standard procedure for all transplant patients. She had one rejection back in 2008 where she had to do Prednisone injects for 3 days at night but then everything returned to normal. This is just part of the life we live now.

Biopsy: This is where they stick one hell of a needle in the side of Aimée and poke the liver and take part of it out. They send it to get reviewed and that tells us exactly what is going on. While the blood work may say it's having issues with the body the Biopsy says what level of rejection we are facing and other cool details. Based on that they adjust meds and start to fix it.

I had questions on both of those today so I thought I would explain. If anyone has other questions please just post as a comment and I will answer. Sometimes when you live this soo much you forget to explain some of the details.

While we are dealing with all of this it is a little stressful. The worst part is just remembering what it was like to be stuck in the hospital and the PTSD side of it kind of rears its head every once in a while. But we are together and the kids are safe at home so we are just trying to take it one step at a time.

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  1. Fingers crossed that Aimée's liver will continue to improve. Hugs from afar for all of you xx