Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday update

Morning all,

We have our new nurse as of the 7am shift change. Last night went well. Aimée napped off and on and so did I. She knows how to order her own food here. UNMC rocks that part! They give you a menu and a phone and you just order your food when you are hungry. Pretty freaking cool. They have her on a clear diet (Jello/Broth/Juice). It's getting old for her but she is hanging in there so far.

We should see the Physicians Assistant in the next couple of hours during rounds and looking to get a less restrictive diet from them. The Liver Team does rounds around 2 or 3 pm and we should get the guidance for the next day around then. Other than that we are just watching the news and the snow fall outside. I will snap a window picture or two so everyone can see the view from the of Aimée's room.

We are having some issues with her blood sugar. Around 350 right now and should be below 110. That is going to affect her diet so we will see how that goes. We will update everyone when we have more. Have a good day out there!

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  1. Good update... Hope it all goes well! I will be thinking of you guys all day!
    I love you all!