Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday AM update

We just got done seeing the Liver Team Nurse Coordinator. She came in to tell Aimée that all of her liver levels are falling based this morning's blood work after last nights Prednisone dose. They are still pretty high but for the most part they are happy with the levels progress. We have to wait to see the doctors at the 1:30 rounds this afternoon to find out if we get to escape or they want to hold her for another day of observation and treatments.

Aimée is doing well and enjoying the room service functions of the hospital. She seems to be getting tired of commercials on the TV and nothing good to watch when the commercials end. We have been taking walks up and down the hall to pass the time. It's weird for her to be the healthy patient on the floor and not get the priority treatment, but I think we like it better this way. That's about all we got right now.

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