Saturday, March 12, 2011


Well I'm doing a little work time in Germany and thought I would share some pictures of the base and the village just outside the gate. I got here the other morning and after flying all night landed at Frankfurt. I got my rental and with my wicked cool Google Map (listed in Kilometers and not miles thank goodness) got down to Ramstein in short order. Was pretty wild driving a stick in rush hour traffic while reading a Google Map and no clue where I was. LOVE IT!

Here is the view from my hotel room. You can see a C-5 landing in the background and other jets on the ramp.

I also promised Drew some pictures of some Kebab's. I didn't find the EXACT Kebab shop I wanted until I was driving out of town so I will have to go back and get the good stuff. This was okay but not perfect.

Got to have the Garlic sauce and the peppers!

Here are some photo's of the Landstuhl Village. You can see an old castle on the hill above the village. Notice the little park on the left.

Here is the view up the street towards the Irish Pub. You can also see my little black Ford rental.
This is the Blarney Stone Irish Pub. Had a beer here when I was TDY from Turkey to Ramstein back in 2005.

This is the little park you saw in the first picture from the village and I kind of liked the lion looking through the trees.

Here I am waiting for a light to go green. Just thought it reminded me of driving in England. Actually it looks very much like England except the language is different.

Here is McD's in Germany. Don't know why you would care but I had Kebab's in my belly and thought "why in the hell would I want McD's".

Here is my hotel from the outside. I'm on the left side somewhere in the middle of all of that.

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