Saturday, April 09, 2011

Flag Football

Drew had his first Flag Football game today. His team one and he really ran his heart out. Played almost the complete game Iron Man style. They are short 2 kids to have a good switch between Offense and Defense. He said he really enjoyed himself and it sure looked like he was having fun. Two of his buddies from the Youth Center are on his team so that makes it even better for him! Here they are lined up in "Trips Right" Here's Natalie taking a picture of Drew. Drew warming up before the game. Drew lined up waiting for the hike.

Here's Drew lined up as the Left Wide out before he went into motion. Unfortunately they didn't throw to him. He did very well for his first game and coach was impressed. He only had the ball thrown to him once and the pass was a little short. He did get a tackle on the Running Back from the Corner Back position when he saw the hand-off play and reacted.

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