Saturday, April 16, 2011

Husker Spring Game

Andrew and I went to the Spring "Red vs White" Husker game with Husker Grandpa and Uncle Steve.
Husker Grandpa got the four of us tickets in the 9th Row and right on the isle, on the 25 yard line. The seats were outstanding!

Look at Uncle Steve and Drew with Miss America (Miss Nebraska link) Teresa Scanlan. She even posted the picture on her Twitter page (link) after she asked for the boy with the Corn Hat! I love how he is just trying to act too cool for this! You also see Uncle Steve in the background being proud of doing his Uncle duties!

This is a picture of Uncle Steve and Andrew right after Uncle Steve took Andrew to meet Ms America.

Drew standing next to the south goal post when we went on the field at halftime for the "Say NO to drugs" pledge.

They had a fly over of 2 B-25 Mitchel's and 2 P-51 Mustangs. This was part of the Doolittle Raider Reunion that is going on at Offutt AFB right now. (link)

As you can see it was a really great day and we had a blast.

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