Friday, April 22, 2011

What's for dinner?

So Aimée and I decided for a treat at the end of my leave to get some Lobsters. Mike (slow as molasses) had bought the same ones for Alan (yes I can grow a beard now) when he retired. So we got 2 Lobsters, 1 Qt Clam Chowder, 2 Crab Cakes, 2 Boston Cream Pies and crackers and other stuff. You get to pick the exact date for delivery so you can plan when you are going to enjoy your amazing dinner!
Here is the box that we received today for tonight's dinner!

Here's Aimée pointing at the box. Her and the kids are LITTLE scared of the Lobsters!

Here's the seaweed in the box to keep the Lobsters Happy until they take the great plunge in the boiling water tonight.

Here I am with my Lobster (see old references to this theme in our blog or just Google Lobster Friends) Aimée while I hold our dinner!

1 comment:

  1. Ummmmm ... good food!

    But I prefer to steam the lobsters rather than boil them .. less water gets inside to accidentally scald you when you break into them.

    And a delicious butter sauce to go with them .. I'm drooling.