Saturday, May 28, 2011

Good Deed

I was asked to help clean up the base cemetery for the Memorial Day Celebration on Monday. I figured it would be a good thing for Drew to do with and he said he would love to. So we got up at 7am and had a little snack and headed over. All of the Private Organizations on base sent their leadership (groups for the different enlisted ranks that work to better the base) and as part of the Top-3 (The top 3 enlisted ranks {Master Sergeant, Senior Master Sergeant and Chief Master Sergeant}) we had 3 of our board members help out. Turns out that all of the orgs turned out in great form and with the largest team ever, we cleaned all the headstones and put a flag at each headstone in under an hour. Past years it has taken hours so this was great. Here are some pictures for everyone to enjoy!


  1. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Thank you both so much! I am VERY proud of you guys! Mom/Grandma

  2. Anonymous9:43 PM

    And that's what Memorial Day is all about to me. Thank you Dave and Andrew for caring for our veteran's memorial's!
    - Ann