Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kidney Update #2

We went for the follow up with the kidney doctor here and found out that the swelling in my left foot was NOT normal and were referred for a "Venus Doppler" the next Monday to check for a blood clot. You'll NEVER guess what they found! A blood clot, score another one for Team "I'm Sick of This BS!"

I was put on blood thinners, both a pill and a twice daily injection of Lovenox to up my anti-coagulation levels. Today my levels were actually too high, so I was take off the injection (FINALLY!) and told to eat a couple of spinach salads (which is NO problem for me, I love the stuff!) -- Anyway, we took a couple of pictures of the bruises caused by the injections. It has been really hard to sleep because of these, since I sleep on my sides.

Right side a week ago
Left side tonight
Left side a week ago

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