Sunday, June 12, 2011

Omaha Summer Arts Festival

Today Aimée decided we needed to go to the Omaha Summer Arts Festival. Andrew had his second date with Tessa at the baseball game so we took Natalie and her friends Paige to the festival. The weather was perfect despite the weather guessers calling for storms and such for today.

In the front left you see Aimée getting her face painted. At the top of the screen on the left you see Natalie getting her face painted and at the center on the right is Paige having her face painted! Here are the girls all completed with their face's looking perfect.

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  1. Anonymous10:22 PM

    What a fabulous day! You ladies all look so adorable! Aimee you should have brought that picture home!! I'm glad you had such an enjoyable day.~Peggy~