Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Changed rooms

We just moved out of ICU and saw the doctors in the same 20 minutes. They are still working a few things out and we don't have any good answers yet. She is stronger and allowed to have clear liquids (soup and jello which is better than just ice chips) but that's it. They are going to try and get her out of bed in a little while also and see if she can sit up.

However, she is having a really hard time seeing. They did a CAT scan but showed normal. The immunosuppressants are VERY high in her system so they are going to work that and the "cause" of the bleeding before they deal with the lesser things like vision. She is also very confused and doesn't remember why and how we got here but again, that's to work on AFTER we make sure she doesn't start bleeding again and then get the immunosuppressants lower.

We may not still have answers for another day or so. I will update more when I know more.

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  1. Hang in there my friend! Give her a hug & kiss for me!! Sending you lots of love too, call me anytime!!!!