Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 10 Update

So we had an okay night. Our nurse didn't understand the "let the patient sleep" theory but we did get some sleep in between the interruptions. On the good front we only had one clot last night (freaking happy dance). Also the following levels moved to the good side slightly: Hemoglobin (red blood cells) up, Creatinine (Kidney Function finally below 4) fell, Bilirubin (Liver function) fell. However her platelet count has fallen again (not good and it with Hemoglobin are the TTP indicators we need both to climb). Her blood pressure is up from 2 days ago when it was pretty low. It looks to be holding stable and that is another good thing. So we had some good and some bad but mostly good.

An update from yesterday I forgot was that because of the infection in her blood they are taking a few extra vials for research. They asked her if she would like to donate her blood to research on infectious diseases and we decided why not right? We also now have Infectious Disease folks along with the research folks doing rounds on Aimée (that makes team 4 and 5 after liver, kidney and hematology). It makes her lose a little sleep but the more folks trying to figure out this stupid blood bug the better so that the TTP can be allowed to take hold and fix the main problem so we can then tackle getting the liver and kidneys back and running as much as possible. We have plasmapheresis starting at 8am again today. Other than that we have no real plans besides trying to get Aimée to rest.

1030: We know the bug and how to kill it! Infectious Disease Team just came by. They know the bug that she has and they have the right drugs started as of late last night. So now we have a regiment to work on and they are expecting 14-28 days of the meds to get it cleared out. We still need more tests and everything to ensure that we keep it gone and it doesn't morph. Now we just keep attacking the TTP and we "should" see some levels (hemoglobin and platelets) starting moving with more strength in the next day or two.

1600: We know that the bug is at least from her central line. That is the line that she gets all of her meds and blood draws from. This and the line for the dialysis (which is used by the plasmapheresis) are the two areas they thought of. The tests for the dialysis line are still a day out to see if it also has the bug. Today they will be taking out the central line. They are also increasing the frequency of the antibiotics to help fight off the bug. Hopefully it will be the only location for the bug starting and we can then just keep going on the healing.

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