Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 11 Update

We have the plasmapheresis running right now as we watch "How I Met Your Mother" Season 4 to pass the time. We have seen Hematology and Nephrology this morning already.

The Kidney Team is happy that the creatinine is still falling slowly (good news). The billirubin hasn't got the message but isn't moving too much so that's good. She is having a good deal of ascites build up on her and that is making it pretty damn hard to move but she is pushing through. She got out of the bed yesterday and I found her a new chair and we sat and played cards for an hour. We also did a lap around the floor. Today's plan is a little more than that and keep picking up the exercise.

Hematology is happy with the levels. The Hemoglobin is stable at above 9 (right where we need it between 9 and 10). The platelets are now just below 40 from just above 40 yesterday. The team explained that this is okay. For Aimée a slight loss here is considered stable and with how her numbers have gone over the last week and a half this is still considered a victory. In the blood there are no new levels of red blood cells breaking up. The blood cells that are still broken are left over from earlier. The reason the platelets are still not jumping back is due to all the damage done by the transplant drugs, swelling in the blood cells from this entire damn thing, and that DAMN infection that we are still fighting. The levels of the virus are falling so that is good. All in all the blood team is very happy with what they are seeing and think we should see steady but slow improvement for the next day or two and then things should take up speed. Once we see the platelets start climbing then we can talk about moving the plasmapheresis to every other day. As of now that's all we got.

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