Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 12 Update

Well today we have some really great news. Her platelets JUMPED up to 63 from 39 yesterday. THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! All other levels are slowly moving correctly still and that is just fine. We needed the platelets to start moving. It shows the Plasmapheresis is working and the virus is not slowing things down anymore. We are still elevated across the board for the organs but now they can start talking about doing things to help them out. We still have a lot of work to go but it seems that we have turned the corner on the TTP. They have revised the diagnosis to TTP-HUS (link) which basically adds in the kidney end of the problems we are having.

She also was able to give up more than 3 liters of urine yesterday and that is taking some of the fluid off of her body that has been storing up while the kidneys were taking their nap. She took 4 walks, 2 hours in the chair and 4 breathing exercises and that is also helping. She's MUCH more awake/alert and Gary can tell you that she talked his head off now that she was able to finally start peeing like she should. All in all things are looking much better today

1100: We just saw infectious disease and they are saying that the virus in Aimée's blood is also in the dialysis line. They will be removing that shortly and then talking about when to put a new one back in. It might be a day or two but we will have to see. This means we won't be doing the plasmapheresis for a day or so which will be a nice break for Aimée.


  1. that is SO SO SO great! Go Amy! Go Amy's blood! Go Kidney's! Go away TTP!

  2. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Damn bug anyway. Keep up the good fight Aimee! Thanks Dave for taking care of my 'lil sister.
    - Ann