Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 15 Update

Two steps forward and one step back. The platelets are still jumping up VERY well each day. However, the hemoglobin is falling back down (bad). They had to give her two bags of red blood yesterday and they are going to do it again today. Hematology thinks it's because we started back on the anti-rejection drugs for the liver (still aren't giving her the kidney anti-rejection that she usually gets to just protect the weak kidneys). All other levels seem to be trending nice and easily back to where we need them. However, since the hemoglobin is falling they are going to keep the plasmapheresis at daily for a little while it looks like.

Now the other step back is that Saturday night she was given her Morphine and Ambien at the same time and it threw her through a loop. We had done it before with no ill effects but not this time. We had a VERY long night and it just hasn't ended yet. She did well yesterday with the lunch but that was the best I had her mentally. Now she is very foggy and does not know how or why we are in the hospital again. They "think" it is because the body has been given so much medicine that it is just fighting back at the narcotics a little bit. We are going to try a new medicine for the pain and see how that does. She also developed a severe abdominal pain late yesterday that resulted in a CT Scan of her tummy but did not show anything. We are just riding it out for now to see what happens.

She's asleep right now for the first time since Friday night and we are just trying to keep her that way as much as possible in between all of the other pokes and prods they are trying to do. So basically the big stuff is improving but now we are fighting smaller things.

1400: It looks like last nights CT Scan showed a new blood clot in her left abdomen around the bottom of her ribs. They are going to do another CT scan to verify its size and location. We should be doing that by the end of the day.

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