Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 16 Update

Well we have had a busy evening and morning.

First: Labs seem to be stable. Some things are improving and some are not but it is all within daily tolerances for staying the same. No big gains or drops basically. We will still need to give her another 2 bags of blood (the third day straight) but they really aren't too concerned and seem pretty happy that we are staying steady. The kidney levels are doing great and the liver levels are actually in the normal range (oh yeah that's nice!).

Last night they did the second CT scan on Aimée's abdomen. The second CT scan has shown what "could" be a clot in her abdomen. They "think" it is from late July and early August and when her Hemoglobin was so low that there "could" have been some small amounts of blood leaking into her belly. This has grown as they have given her more blood products to what is causing her really bad tummy pain right now. I used "could" and "think" to show this is their theory right now for why there is all the pain in her tummy. They are going to let it sit for a little bit and see what happens. They will continue to check on it but don’t want to do anything invasive right now. If it grows we go from there, however they “think” the body will just recapture the blood automatically as everything continues to heal.

They also ordered a Spinal Tap and Head MRI for a couple of reasons. First is that infectious disease folks are watching her EXTREMELY close since they found the infection from the Central Line and Dialysis Line last week. There was an infection in all of her blood and that is what has taken the Plasmapheresis so long to start working. They just don't want another bug creeping up on her. The second is that starting Saturday night she has become less clear on what is going on and very aggravated and it is not getting better. We thought at first it was because she had been given both the Morphine and Ambien at the same time but it looks like there is a virus in her blood that could be in her spine and on her brain that is causing this really bad confusion and frustration. They are pretty sure of the specific bug and they ordered the tap and scan and the antibiotics all last night and started all three up. If they are right the antibiotics will already have 2-3 days in her system and should have her cleared up by the end of the week when the results come back. However, you need the tests to confirm. She is having a very hard time keeping up with everything and it just makes it worse when this morning in a period of 20-30 minutes we had 2 teams do pre-rounds, the plasmapheresis start and they inserted a new PICC line for blood and medicine access. Luckily the infectious disease nurse is a freaking Angel and sat down with Aimée for about 40 minutes and went over everything with her at least 6 times until she felt comfortable. Patience is amazing and compassion is even better at times! Aimée did get some sleep yesterday and last night. Now that she knows she has a medical reason for the confusion she seems to be taking the interruptions and people a little bit better. It’s a work in progress and the amount of frustration she is experiencing is VERY high and you really can't blame her!

Today they are going to take Aimée to do some more procedures. We want to make sure that the original bleeding source doesn’t come back so they are going to take her for a minor procedure but due to all of the pain that she is experiencing they are going to sedate her. So they will take her about 3:30 and the procedure takes about 1-2 hours.

I guess the big thing from all of this is that we are just going to be staying here for a while and really don't know when we will leave. Everything they are finding is treatable but it takes time and patience, good thing Aimée has both!

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