Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 18 Update

Well today is all about dealing with the mental fog. They are thinking that it is either from this one specific drug they gave her from the infections that might have been on her brain. They have changed the drug but it takes about 48-72 hours to clear out of her system and she got her last dose yesterday at 4pm. They also feel that it could be a combination of being in the hospital and all the high levels of different medications they have given her. They are trying to adjust all of those levels to just what we need. Psychology also came by and has prescribed a medication the help her sleep tonight that works on patients who stay in the hospitals too long and don't sleep. Since she hasn't slept for crap they are hoping that the combination of all of this will have her sleep and then clear up her mind. She doesn't know where she is and has a hard time communicating. The good thing is that all of her levels are holding and doing well. We are going to keep the plasmapheresis going to ensure the blood continues to make it's strides. We have a sitter with her now 24 hours a day now because she tries to pull at her wires I need the help taking care of her. I also took advantage of it and went home and slept in my bed last night for 7 WHOLE HOURS!

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  1. Please give give her a big hug & kiss for me!! Glad you got some rest!!