Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 20 Update

She is doing good for all of her levels. Everything is still slowly tracking to where it needs to be. It's going to be a process but we are getting there slowly and that is good.

Yesterday her Dad, Brother and Sister-in-Law came by and sat with her. It was Steve's Birthday so we also did some cake back at the house. She was
much more calm then the day before and that is good. Yesterday and today (so far) she is just sleeping. This is what we want is for her to relax and let the body heal right now. She is answering some questions correctly but I think it's mostly just from memorization and not from actually knowing. She keeps thinking there is a doctor who is going to come by and let me take her home and she thinks that the garage is just outside her room here. When she is awake she seems a little more alert each time. The teams seem to think that the more rest she gets the better she will be and that trend seems to be true. But as Gary can confirm, it's not an easy time for anyone! We keep the blinds open and lights on during the day so she knows it's day time outside and I keep Friends on a constant loop in the room. During the Texas stay she told me that while in the coma she tried to rationalize everything she heard. During that time Benazir Bhutto was coming back to power in Pakistan and there was some large fires in San Diego. She had an entire dream about all of the females from my side of the family taking care of her in my Dad's house in San Diego but had to evacuate due to the fires. She also thought someone had something to do with Bhutto and that scared her. Basically, because the news was playing in her room she made it part of her coma dreams. She also watched HD-TV and had dreams that Vern Yip was going to redecorate our house. That she liked but the news she hated. She told me after that to never let the news play again if she isn't doing well. Since the selection here is not very good on the TV (no home design channels), I picked out Friends and after 3 days we are into season 6.

The good thing for me in this is that with her this asleep the hospital provides a sitter and I have been able to go home for the last three nights and sleep in my own bed. After 2 plus weeks in the hospital chairs that really makes a difference. Plus I get to see the kids and remember there is something outside of this room. Some of our friends are taking the kids to the Offutt Air Show today. They are both pretty excited about that. They should have a good time and the weather is looking perfect for it today.

1000: The teams want to do another CT Scan of Aimée's stomach to see if the clot in her belly is changing at all. The Red Blood cells are steady but they would like to see them climb so we are going to check the belly again. The "FUN" part is going to get her to drink the damn liquid when I am having a hard time just getting her to eat a banana!

2000: So she seems to be doing better. She is more rested and keeps sleeping. When she is awake she seems more and more alert. Still doesn't know for sure why she is here but I think she finally believes that she is at UNMC in Nebraska. She has been saying it all day but then tells me she's actually in Hawai'i! She has eaten a little bit off and on. We did another CT Scan but won't get the results until tomorrow.

Our Friends took the kids to the Air Show and they seemed to have a really good time. I am going to go home in a minute and get the full story but here are the two pictures of their face painting!

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  1. Aimée - I'm so glad things are improving! Keep up the good rest and can't wait til you're well enough to chat again! Love you!

    Drew & Natalie - Your face paintings are amazing!! Glad you had a good time, my Andrew loves air shows!

    Steve - Happy Birthday!