Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 21 Update

Well here we are still. We just saw the liver team and yesterday's CT Scan showed no change to the blood clot in her belly. That is actually good. They want to see no change or shrinking. They feel that the body will just take back the blood as she grows healthier.

The broken Red Blood cells are decreasing and that is a great sign that the plasmapheresis is working. She seems much more clear today. She knows when she's confused. For some reason she thinks we are going to Hawai'i after this hospital. She's able to recite her name and birthday correctly for the first time since Monday and that is really good. There is more light in her eyes but she is still tired and we are happy to have her keep sleeping this crap off. There is no real plan for today besides having her rest.

1800: So after a nap earlier Aimée woke up pretty awake. She has been coloring and watching TV and talking since then. She's ordering food and seems pretty alert. She's still a little out of it from the last week or so and is asking questions about what happened. It looks like she is at least 80% back mentally and getting clearer by the hour. Now we just need to get the other medical stuff fixed. There is no thoughts yet on escaping here but hopefully we can work on that issue this week.

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  1. Dave, thanks for keeping everyone posted. Aimee, as well as the entire Vasser Family continues to be in our thoughts and prayers.