Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 24 Update

We just got our visit from the Hematology Team just now and I was waiting for the blog post for this team because they hold all the cards. They are good with all of the numbers except one. It's called: Plasma Free Hemoglobin. This is basically the rate at which the Hemoglobin is away from the Plasma. This can be caused by many things to include the TTP/WUS. They think (and hope) it's from the blood that is in her belly and the TTP is on its retreating state. Again, they are hoping the body will take the blood back into the vascular system as she continues to heal which will correct this. With the exception of this number we would be talking about going to once a week Plasmapheresis and about getting out of this damn place (yes the stir crazy is settled in for Aimée). The plan for now is to continue the every other day plasmapheresis but "HOPEFULLY" skip the weekend. Then on Monday morning talk about going to weekly plasmapheresis which would be the trigger for the Liver Team to discuss discharge.

The Kidney Team is so happy with her levels they are not even going to be seeing her while we stay unless things change (one less team!). Her levels are at the levels before all of this so they are extremely happy and are just going to see Aimée post discharge for standard Kidney Care. Now, this means her kidney's are back to the 30% she usually is at. She will still need to be careful and look at transplant after she slips into the sub 30% range but that is not in the next week or months.

She is very alert and very active. We are taking more walks each day and she is making a point to tell each and every doctor how much she is doing of self care so they will let her get home. She REALLY misses Andrew and Natalie and our home and seems very dedicated to doing whatever it takes to leave this joint.

1800: So we got some great news. The Liver Doctors want Aimée out by Friday. That is the agreement that Hematology and Liver worked out today. So as long as all of the levels hold or improve we should get to escape by Friday's Dinner. We are very happy about this. Sally is going to stay at the house until we do dinner Friday night to make sure I learn the new routine she set up for the school year. I'm spending the night tonight and tomorrow at home because Aimée is doing that well. Last night I didn't even help her and she was able to do everything on her own. So all things are going great and we are pretty damn excited about being home as a family for the weekend!

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