Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 3 Rounds

We just finished the Liver Team Rounds (imagine 12 people squeezing into a little room to talk about you, IT'S FUN for Aimée). Basically they are waiting on OB GYN to finish their tests later today and those results won't come until tomorrow. They are going to order Physical/Occupational Therapy to work on her to hope that maybe they can clear up the pain in her right leg (the opposite side of the clot). That was really it from them.

The urine is flowing slowly. Not as much as they want but really the OB has lead for the next day and then they will tackle the Kidneys.

So really no news but sit and wait.

1430 update: KIDNEY Team Rounds The Kidney doctors just stopped by and said that she is not producing enough urine. They are concerned because the creatonin is climbing again. They have ordered some bags of fluid to help push the Kidney's since the food and fluid intake isn't working yet. She is eating much better with each meal and now can slowly progress back to adult people food but she needs to go slow to not hurt the intestines. We are watching this closely and will be the decider on how long we vacation at UNMC room 5805.

1630 update: They are delaying next OB GYN procedure until after we do some fluid by order of the Kidney Team. This means we won't start it until tomorrow but we already have fluids running right now. Occupational/Physical Therapy came by and visited Aimée. It wasn't too bad and now Aimée is resting after all of that fun.

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