Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 4 END

What a day folks. It's been a real blast! So Aimée completed her first Plasmapheresis. It took about 3 hours from beginning to end. She will have another round tomorrow morning at about 8am and then wheel on over to do some dialysis and then back to her room for some relaxing time. She's pretty tired and sleeping right now.

I ran home for a couple of hours and took the kids to Back to School night. Natalie is VERY happy with her teacher (it's the one who has more patience). Andrew is STOKED to get to have 8 classes and he and Husker Grandma walked around checking the route for him to get from class to class. Both kids seem to be looking forward to class starting Monday.

That's about all I got right now. You all have a great night.

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  1. We are praying for you in Denver, Aimee. Hope you get well soon, and back to your busy life. Love, Sharon and Bobby. Also,Hi, Dave and Andrew and Natalie. We are your blog fans from afar.