Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 4 updates

So I am going to do a single post for the day like I did yesterday and just put time marks for each update. I hope you all can read it well enough.

0800: Talked to OB GYN team and they are going to wait on the tests they want to run. The lab results from overnight show her platelets falling (she can't clot very well) and her creatinine climbing (kidneys getting worse). Urine is still not near what we want to see. We are waiting on Kidney Team to decide if they want to start dialysis again. If so we go back to ICU where we have a dedicated nurse. That's what we are waking up to.

1100: Kidney Team just stopped by. They are talking about giving her platelets so that OB GYN can do their tests but hematology needs to come look at why the platelets are changing after the transfusion.

1200: Liver Team is adding a liver ultra sound to just make sure we are good there. Then we should get the OB tests while the blood is coming back from Hematology.

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