Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 5 Updates

Good morning folks. We had a pretty good nights sleep. Between 11pm and 6am we only got woke up 4 times and that's damn good around here. Our night time nurse for the last two nights Lea, is amazing. She plans out the events (blood, vitals, etc) to hit as much at one time as possible. It really helps out with letting Aimee sleep. The other cool thing is the Lea was an RN at Methodist Transplant the year after Aimee got her liver there. Pretty cool talking to someone who had been there and doesn't treat them as a competitor like the transplant doctors do.

Today's schedule (SO FAR) is 8am
Plasmapheresis and then see about dialysis. The kidney functions are still getting a little worse each day but the urine is doing about 100mL. Still not enough but it is some. So we will see.

1330: This morning's
Plasmapheresis went well. It took about 3 hours. During those three hours we were visited by Hematology and the Kidney Team. It looks like her levels are stabilizing (not getting worse). We need to wait about a half a day or so to see how the two Plasmapheresis' work on her system. From that we can then assess how the Kidney's and Liver are doing minus this TTP thing. Currently the Kidney's are producing some but not enough Urine and the Liver is in a form of rejection. However all of that is secondary and tertiary to the TTP. She is scheduled to have daily Plasmapheresis until otherwise decided. They cancelled today's dialysis to see what the kidneys will do on their own after two rounds of the Plasmapheresis. We are hopeful that the Plasmapheresis will continue to stop and then reverse everything. Aimée is doing good but still very tired between the procedures and medicines she is taking. She has a row of flowers from her brother Steve, her sisters Ann and Jean and from my work. You can smell the flowers down the hall and she has had other nurses stop by to check it out. I had a couple of questions about our assignment to Washington, basically for now it is delayed for 30 days while we work these things out. Really isn't a huge concern. The Air Force and our move will get sorted out in due course. Work has been outstanding about taking care of that end so I'm really not going to sweat it.

1700: So the evening blood pool showed her Hemoglobin dropping again. This is a sign of the TTP still eating up blood cells. So she will getting 2 bags of blood tonight. Other than that it's time to relax until tomorrow morning. Sally is bringing the kids up here for a quick hello. Seems like our little girl misses her Mommy a little bit. Drew of course is Mister Tough Guy and is being a trooper.

This should be the last update for today unless something changes. See you all in the AM.

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