Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 6 Updates

So last night was kind of a long night. Aimée really didn't sleep too well. We had 4 blood clots to deal with plus the usual beeps and blood and vitals. We are waiting on the primary team right now for the reasons on the blood clots but so far the Doctors we have seen are pretty sure it's because of the blood that she got last night. Since they are adding blood it's going to flow back out until we get this TTP crap fixed through the plasmapheresis. On the good news front she produced 275mL of urine last night (in just 8 hours). And that gave us a total of 500mL for the last 24 hours and that is a GREAT thing. Her total kidney production is still right about 10% and they are debating dialysis again for today but the prevailing thought is trying to let the kidneys bounce back on their own. They are also hoping that the plasmapheresis will help the kidneys bounce back. Other than that we don't have anything planned for today besides relaxing and seeing what happens.

1300: We have had a couple of more clots but we also have a GREAT deal of more urine. Kidney Doctors were pretty happy with the numbers. None are getting worse and there are slight improvements starting to form. Liver team said about the same but between the two they have decided to increase the Rapamune (steroid that protects the Kidney's from the Liver steroids). We finished plasmapheresis for the day and have another round tomorrow but no other procedures today. The Hematology folks were not happy with their numbers but blame it mostly on the 2 bags of blood last night. SO, no more blood for Aimée while we try and get this TTP crap in check. Right now she's doing the lunch thing as they prep to giver her some pain meds (nap is coming).

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