Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 7 Updates

The best laid plans sometimes.... We set up last night for a great long evening of not being bothered and some good sleep. She took meds and did all labs and vitals between 10 and 11pm. We weren't going to be bothered again until 5am (ahhh a good night sleep for Aimée). Oh well, we did the clot dance again then we had oxygen level issues and then her dialysis port started leaking and then the morning crew started showing up. So not much sleep tonight but we were prepped for it. Now we have a good system for the possibility of a good nights sleep and we will try again tonight. Right now they are prepping the plasmapheresis machines and we are waiting on rounds.

Yesterday she got a bag of calcium and potassium to help with the leg pains and it seems to have done some good. Her pain levels are lowering and the doses are spreading out a little bit so that is good. This will also help with knowing what is going on because she won't be taking so many drugs. She provided a SOLID LITER of urine yesterday so we are VERY happy about that also. The theory that is running now is that when the Hemoglobin's were so low and the TTP was really kicking the bodies butt, the body started pulling blood and support from things that weren't as important (everything except Heart/Lungs/Brain) so the kidneys and liver were deprived of blood. It is the current theory that as we are cleaning out the blood and we are working on a few minor things that everything will slowly start come back to working order. Now that we are seeing urine coming out and her getting a little stronger each day, it seems their theory might be holding true.

Today's plans are just the plasmapheresis and then visits from Steve (brother) and Laurie. Yesterday she had a party up here with Gary (Dad), Jean (sister), and her mom and our kids. Natalie did some fingernail painting and Andrew just stood next to the wall looking cool. However, in the end he went over and went over and rubbed Aimée's hand while she slept as we all talked. Both of the kids are doing just perfect and dealing with this crap in their own little ways. I will be heading home today to grab them and buy their back to school outfits because school starts again tomorrow and we GOT to have new clothes on Aimée's kids for first day of school.

I will provide updates as we go along today but we are hoping for a nice relaxing day!

2000: Steve, Laurie and Fun Mike sat with Aimée while I ran home to get the kids "back to school" outfits (pictures tomorrow). It was a perfect weather day and getting some original air was great. It was so nice to breath in fresh air I thought I was at the beach getting real fresh air!

While I was gone Aimée's heart rate jumped and then they noticed a pretty good fever (104 deg). She's had to have one of her ports changed 4 times today because the blood is just not clotting and that is the site that they do the plasmapheresis (and dialysis if required) at. They are running a few test to find if there is an infection which it looks like there is. They will start giving her some antibiotics and some red blood products very soon (actually 'cause it has taken me an hour to write this they are hanging them as I finish this up). It looks like a few of her blood levels (clotting, red blood, liver) are starting to trend in the wrong direction since the 4am blood pull so that is why the red blood products. Now we are just trying to relax and think positive thoughts. So that's about it tonight, hope you all have a good evening.

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  1. James Norman9:54 PM

    As always, you guys are in our thoughts and prayers. You guys deserve the best so I hope that you are getting it. Let me know if there is anything Mandie and I can do for you. Maybe some food or something? Not going to be close to your quality but we can throw something together.

    Best wishes, The Normans.