Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 8 Updates

Sorry for the delay for first post. I ran home this morning for back to school and when I got back the Red Cross Nurse had the Plasmapheresis machine was in the area I stay "out of the way" spot. So here we go: we had a very long night last night. She was fighting the fever off and on all night. We also had issues with oxygenation of the blood and then her blood pressure was pretty low. Today we are working on the infection that seems to be the current priority one. Her levels are pretty much staying put or falling slightly. The plasmapheresis isn't doing too much yet. The levels that should be rebounding are just not moving yet and they are blaming the infection for that. So we are fighting the infection with a group of antibiotics and we will continue to work the plasmapheresis so we can clean up the blood when it's ready. The Liver and Kidney Team are just standing by for when they get their turn to play! Here is the picture of the plasmapheresis machine in case you care!

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  1. Hoping she gets over the infection real soon! It's just one thing after another, and I know it's hard to stay positive, but I'm thinking of you guys and praying.

    BTW, did Aimée shave her head again? I can see a tiny bit of her (I'm assuming) in the pic.