Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 9 Update

It finally happened, we got a good nights sleep! I think we only had 3 interruptions between 11pm and 6 am. That is very good for hospital sleeping. For today we have the plasmapheresis again and no dialysis again. The kidneys are making slight improvements still. The urine has tapered off and she is getting the ascities (fluid the kidneys/liver aren't cleaning up) is building up around her hips but as I've said the kidneys and liver are not in the top 2 priorities right now. We have had no fevers in the last 18 hours or so. Her blood pressure is climbing slowly and her hemoglobin is back up to the 9's again after yesterdays 7s (we want 10 and low is BAD). We are still waiting for the plasmapheresis to really start working. It's only made very slight to no gains on a few fronts but that "most likely is because of the infection" (head blood doctor yesterday). The 2 things we need are the infections to go away and not come back and for plasmapheresis to start really working. We need the platelets and red blood cells to start climbing. If we get a couple of days in a row of the platelets and red blood cells climbing, we can start to exhale a little bit. That's all I got for now. She's back to napping and the machines are almost hooked up to her. We will talk to you all later.

1000: Just saw Hematology and they are feeling a little better today than yesterday. The platelets and red blood she got yesterday held steady over night and did not drop and that is the first time for that since we have been here. That folks is a first step in the right direction we need right now. They are going to play with some of the meds to help minimize some bruising she is having on her legs and body. We are still not allowed to give her any anti-rejection meds because they will interfere with the TTP. We will work that issue out later once we get her blood to do it's job then we will go back and readdress the liver and kidneys.

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