Friday, September 16, 2011

End of Week 2 Update

Well we have finished our second week home from the hospital with even better news.  We are now down to weekly Plasmapheresis appointments.  That means the hemoglobin and red blood cell counts are doing better.  We will do a couple of weeks of once a week to see when we can adjust from there.  The liver team said her liver levels are perfect and that the kidney levels are back to pre-TTP levels so we are pretty happy about that also.  We don't see those jokers again for 2 weeks.  Hematology has us at 2 weeks between appointments also!  That means a lot less trips up the UNMC!

Since Aimée is getting around better we also stopped the home nurses.  Besides the annoyance of a new one each time and each thinking they are a freaking expert on Aimée and not listening to us...we just didn't need them to come and why waste everyone's time right?  That means we have to go to the hospital for blood draws but that gets Aimée out of the house more.  We were at 3 times a week and now we are down to 2 a week draws.  One of those will be with the plasmapheresis on Monday's and the other will be on Thursday's at Bellevue Medical Center (the UNMC satellite that is <2 miles away).  
Physical and Occupational Therapy visit EACH 2 times a week.  She is making great strides with both of those and is walking more and more each day.

I will be going back to work on the 27th unless something changes.  Aimée actually told me to head back a little quicker but it's nice to hang out at the house a little bit more and putter around.


  1. Sally8:18 PM

    Such great news!!

  2. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Thank God. This is the best news!!
    "Auntie Katherine"