Thursday, September 22, 2011

End of Week 3 Update

We are finishing up week 3.  This week has been fun and we are still seeing steady improvements.  

We had Plasmapheresis on Monday and lab draws.  The lab draws showed her Hemaglobins low again so after the plasmapheresis she had to get a bag of blood.  Other than that we had a follow up on Wednesday at UNMC.  She had visits from PT and OT and things are improving on those fronts.  She gets stronger with each day.  Next week she has Monday Plasmapheresis and a Hematology follow up.  On Thursday she has the bi-weekly liver team follow up just to see how things are going.  All in all everything is improving slowly and that is just fine.  The one great thing we got today was a call from our favorite nurse coordinator and she said that ALL of Aimée's levels are at Aimée normal (kidney's are still low but that is her standard).  That is really good.
My parents came to town on their way back to California from their summer vacation road trip.  It was great spending time with them.  It's always great to see family.  The good thing was they got to see Drew's game.  The Husker Grandparents will get to see a game next week.

This week Drew had his second football game.  I was mistaken when he told me originally, he is the back-up MLB (middle linebacker) for the JV team 1.  Not a lot of game time but he is working hard and trying to get to be a starter.  The best thing is he is running around and learning and that is great.  Makes for long school days but he is having fun and that's what matters.

Natalie auditioned for a school play and is working on that.  She has a couple of lines and is also in the chorus.  She's pretty excited about that.  She seems to be enjoying school as always.  She's doing Saturday Chorus with the school district.  This last Friday night she did the "lock-in" at the youth center and stayed up ALL NIGHT and then went to chorus.  Needless to say, she slept Saturday away after the all nighter and singing for 2 hours.
We got most of the grades from the schools and the kids are doing well.  Natalie is getting Straight A's and that is great.  We had a couple of hiccups with her attitude with her teacher but that seems to be straightened out.  Drew got his first B in FOREVER!  He's a little upset at himself over that so he's working on that class a little harder.  We are very happy to have two kids that self correct when they have minor issues at school.  We didn't really need to parent too much except to confirm that we are proud of them and to do better!

I go back to work next week.  Aimée and I are curious how she is going to do all alone for a whole day but the good thing is I have a VERY understanding work and I am only 3 miles away.  Just another step in her recovery.  
Considering everything life is going pretty well for the Vasser Family.

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