Tuesday, September 06, 2011

First follow up day

So we did our first follow up day at the hospital.  It was a freaking day folks!  

We started with Hematology for an 11:40 appointment.  Aimée was able to get down stairs fairly easy this morning.  We saw our home nurse for blood draw and then eventually headed out.  The Doctor explained that all of Aimée's levels had improved or held still except her kidney level and calcium.  So when we did our plasmapheresis he added some calcium and had us double her calcium intake at home.  They added a new medicine to start prepping her so that she can go back on the blood thinners in the next few weeks because the blood clot is still there.  So, I got to spend an hour at the pharmacy as they tried to fill the script.  

We then hit the cafeteria for some lunch.  That was the first time Aimée had enjoyed that.  Now the entire time we are doing this first two hours worth of appointment and food, the fluid the kidney's haven't been cleaning out have flooded into her feet and legs.  This makes it harder for Aimée to get up and down out of the chair.  We then headed to plasmapheresis.  Luckily they had a nice chair that let her sit back and get her feet up so the fluid would flow back into her center.

When we were supposed to start the plasmapheresis they figured out that nobody ordered the plasma.  So it needed to thaw for an hour.  I headed home to check on Natalie.  Our friend Laura picked Drew up from Football and Natalie made them both some dinner.  After giving Natalie some hands on teaching for cooking up some dinner, I headed back to Aimée.  The liver team decided to add some fluid to Aimée after the plasmapheresis so that added an hour to our stay.  

We finally got home about 7pm (we should have been home by 5pm).  Well that is done for day one.  Tomorrow is just one appointment (please no additions team!).

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  1. pictures look great. Good to see you up and around Aimee.