Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 2 home update

We have been home for a week and change now and it has been pretty busy.  Last week we had between 2 and 3 appointments per day at the hospital.  Tuesday was the worst by far but they were all a little tiring.  She also had her first Physical Therapy appointment in the house.  She has three pages of daily tasks to do and we work on them together.  

Her Kidney levels jumped up through the week and they are going down so far.  The blood levels seem to be going in the direction we want also.  Tomorrow is Hematology after another venus doplor to verify her blood clot hasn't moved.  Hopefully tomorrow we can find out that we are down to weekly plasmapheresis.  That would make the week easier.  We also have a follow up with the liver team this week.  

Tonight we all went to Target so Aimée can see something outside of the house.  She walked for stretches in the store and that has WIPED her out.  She is crashed out next to me right now after that fun.

Tomorrow is Drew's first football game for the Jr High.  We have about 2 hours between the start of our last appointment and the game so that should JUST be enough to get home and grab Natalie so we can all go to the game.  

Natalie is doing well also.  She's doing weekend choir and enjoying it.  She has also tried out for a play at school and we are waiting to hear about that.

Our orders to DC were cancelled with all the stuff going on.  Right now I am "assigned" to Aimée's bedside.  Then I will be taking a little leave as I help get Aimée back on her feet and running and just recover from this experiance.  We will figure out what's next for work later.  Not the priority right now.

That's all we got going on in the Vasser household for right now.  You all take care out there and be safe!

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