Sunday, October 02, 2011

End of Week 4 Update

It was a pretty interesting week to say the least.  I went back to work so Aimée was on her own for the very first time.  We had Plasmapheresis on Monday and then headed back home for some relaxing time.  On Tuesday I went back to work and the hospital called Aimée saying her Hemaglobin was low.  During Monday's Plasmapheresis we got a copy of the lab results and damn near everything was right where we needed it except the Hemoglobin.  So in preperation for another bag of blood, the PT and OT ladies took a little break on Aimée.

On Thursday we went in for the marathon (Hematology and Liver Team).  Now, don't get me wrong, we really like the teams of doctors and nurses we have but HOW IN THE HELL does two 20 minute appointments end up lasting almost 5 freaking hours?  The Hematology team was really happy with Aimée's levels in spite of the low Hemoglobin.  They stopped the Plasmapheresis and have switched her over to a weekly shot if the Hemoglobin is low.  This will induce the body into recovering on it's own.  Her Red Blood cells are doing great and things are on the mend from their point of view.  We have a Venus Doppler in a few weeks to follow up on the clot and we don't see the doctor for about 3 weeks so that is a nice break for Aimée!

The next step was getting the first shot and then moving on to the Liver Team.  Now for the story line, the first appointment was at 11am and the second was at 1pm so we would have time to have a lunch in between.  By the time we left Hematology it was a little after noon, and we had to get a new prescription change and the shot before the 1 oclock and HOPE we could get some food.  We also have Drews Football game at 4pm back in Bellevue to get to with Husker Grandma and Natalie.

So we get the new meds dropped off and get the shot she needed and walk into the Liver Team at 12:58 on the nose (that's called timing)!  We then ended up waiting for an hour and a half to see the nurses for the Liver Team (between the waiting room and actual room).  The nurses were great and responded to all of Aimée's concerns and we seemed on track.  Then we find out that the worst doctor on staff is the one we got to see.  Once we got done with old man river and set him straight after he wanted to stop the pain meds things improved.  We got Aimée's meds and then made it to Andrew's game with Grandma and Natalie just in time.  

On Friday Husker Grandpa made it out to spend the day with Aimée and they enjoyed some relaxing time.  Aimée had her Occupational Therapist out and Gary got to watch the fun that is OT.

Natalie had her Saturday Choir and is enjoying that.  Drew has his last week of Football this coming week.  We still haven't seen our School Shirts so we haven't had a chance to wear our Purple to support him.  (NOTE: All of the Bellevue Middle and High Schools colors are PURPLE and WHITE {except Bellevue West High Purple and Yellow} I really don't freaking get it!).

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