Thursday, October 13, 2011

Take Two: Day Four

     I apologize for no update yesterday but there really wasn't too much to say.  Labs and plasmapheresis and hanging out in the hospital was really it.  Aimée is having some pains (feels like fire she says) in her legs due to low calcium and magnesium due to the TTP doing it's craziness (they are working those issues and should be fine in a day or so).  

     Today we continued to work between the Hospital/Insurance/Drug Company.  By 4pm I finally got a call from our Tri-Care case manager saying it's done and she was going to personally call the hospital to get the meds ordered ASAP.  Our case manager is really kicking butt for us and always has the time to explain the bigger end of things and as an RN it really helps that she is the outside voice of reason on things.  She pushed the PT/OT thing for us and a really keeps me asking the right questions at UNMC.  

     Tomorrow morning we will find out (HOPEFULLY) when the drug shipped or will ship.  Once it ships (24 hour shipping is standard) we will get it in Aimée and then we have to see how her body reacts to the damn thing.  It has a 100% success rate during trials (on patients) and everything else but it's only been approved for her type of TTP for 40 days so there is a some nervousness for both of us.  She seems to be doing pretty good holding up (all things considered) and the kids are doing pretty good (same caveat).  

     With any luck we will all be back home and watching Pop Up Video by Saturday night.  Did I mention that VH-1 finally brought back Pop Up Video and Aimée have been loving it?

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