Sunday, October 16, 2011

Take Two: Day Six part Two

     We made it home after waiting the 6 hours to get discharged.  Luckily we got to watch my 9ers in a GREAT game.  We also got to spend 3 hours with Steve and Laurie and that is always fantastic.  I got Aimée home and got her meds sorted out and the kids got some time with Mommy.  

     Tomorrow we will do the blood draw in the morning as was previously scheduled and then sit and wait for a phone call from the teams with adjustments/comments on how her blood is doing.  Her Hemoglobin is still pretty low so she is working with a great deal of weakness and being tired.  We see Hematology on Tuesday and hopefully some face time with the brains behind this entire thing will start getting the stage set for how the next few weeks will work out.  

     Thanks everyone for all of the support and good thoughts.  We really appreciate it. 

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