Friday, November 11, 2011

First full Soliris!

Today Aimee got her first full dose of Soliris.  Now we go to every other week treatments so that means more time for her to not be at the hospital.  Today's Hemoglobin was 11.1, which is normal.  That is the first time we are seeing her level at normal since July!  This is a good sign.  We will see what the doctors say in two weeks once the full dose is settled into her body.

We finished Home Care PT and OT and are just waiting on the paperwork to settle out so that she can start going to the outpatient clinic.  That should start this week.

Kids are doing well.  We got through the little bump with Natalie and she seems to be doing well now.  Drew is a 12 year old boy and acting accordingly!

I started work again.  Waiting to find out exactly what I am going to be doing, but for now I am getting my new computer accounts and all that fun stuff taken care of while leadership decides what to do with me.

All in all, things are going well.

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