Friday, December 16, 2011

How my week went: Part 2!

Hello. It's Natalie again. How have you been doing? Well I will tell you about my week! On Monday I was sick so I didn't do anything sick. On Tuesday I went back to school but I was still sick. I didn't have to redo any thing though! On Wednesday, I...uh..I...well I don't remember Wednesday so lets skip to Thursday! Thursday was AWESOME! Mrs . Miessner said that Sophie, Rylee-Jo, Paige, and I (all are my classmates) all have been over-the-top awesome so we all got to have lunch with her :)! And then Friday (today) was simple. I went to school (did pretty much nothing), went to dad's work, ate awesome cupcakes (by moi) and now we are here! So have a nice happy (GREEN! for now :( ) Christmas!

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