Saturday, December 03, 2011

Natalie's First Post

Hi, I am Natalie and I thought that this was pretty good so I am putting it here!  This was an assignment I had from school this week.
                                                       The Most Important Thing
I am thankful for my mom. The reason I am thankful for her is because she is a miracle!

This all REALLY started in 2007 when my family and I where in Hawai'i. My brother and I were hanging out at my neighbors house when dad told us that mom was going to the hospital. Our mouths dropped when dad said she might be there for a long time. Dad told Drew and I to stay here or go to another one of our friends' houses but stay together!

The next day mom went to the hospital again. When dad got home he told us that mom and him had to go to Texas. " Grandma Peggy is gonna fly over here," dad said, "Grandma will take you guys to her house, then to Aunt Ann's house, then she will take you two to Aunt Jeans house so then we all will meet together." he said. "Now be on your best behavior and be safe!" And then he drove off.

Like dad had said Grandma Peggy came. The next week or so Drew and I flew to her house and got some (but barely any) swimming lessons and we were home schooled!

About three months later we went to Aunt Ann and Uncle Brian's house. All we pretty much did there was get spoiled rotten!

At last we got to Cairo, Nebraska to stay with Aunt Jean, Renée, and Scott! We actually had to go to school. Once Thanksgiving crawled around my mom came home! Dad was back at the hospital cleaning up I think. When dad got home we had Thanksgiving dinner. Then we headed for Lincoln, Nebraska to have Christmas with Husker Grandma and Grandpa.

Eventually we went to Bellevue. In 2010 my mom got diagnosed with kidney failure. She doesn't have a new one yet but hopefully she will soon. In 2011 she lost a lot of blood so she got rushed to the hospital. She was there for more than one month. She is still recovering (it's a slow process but don't rush her) but she is finally home!

And now obviously you can see why I'm thankful for my mommy!


  1. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Natalie - that is beautiful! Thanks for posting for all of us to share. You are a special niece. It was great to see you during Thanksgiving. Remember to come see me/us in Denver soon!
    Love Aunt Ann

  2. Sally5:17 PM

    So impressive Natalie and once again we see how brave you and Andrew are..We are proud of and love you and all your famiy.