Monday, August 27, 2012

Arrived in Korea

I have made it to Korea safe and sound.  It took 24 hours of traveling with 15 hours on just the flight from Atlanta to Seoul.  The good thing is that Korean Airways is probably the best Airline ever.  They had on demand movies and a pretty large selection of video games.  I watched The Matrix, The Departed, The Avengers, Friends and Two and a Half Men to pass the time since I couldn't sleep.  The seats were pretty good and as you laid back the bottom scooted out also which made the two naps I got a little better.

This picture is towards the Airport as we were headed south to the Base on the bus before we hit Seoul.  
The picture here is of Seoul from the bus.  Pretty cool skyline at sunset I thought.  All of the buildings on the far left are apartments.

Here is the view from my hotel window of the BX and Post Office (top right side with the parking lot).  Kind of nice having those so close.  There is also a Chili's just below here but their lines are RIDICULOUS and so are their prices!  
Since I arrived on Saturday night I just killed time on Sunday and then Monday I went and got my dorm room and other in-processing taken care of.  My dorm is right next to the High School Football Field and pretty close to the Commissary (Grocery Store). Here are a couple of pictures of the room before I have a had a chance to clean the thing or get all of my stuff put away in it. 

This is from the Bedroom looking into my bathroom and the closet is on the left.
This is from the bathroom doorway above looking into the bedroom.  You can see the living room on the left.
This is from the window in the bedroom looking back at the bathroom and closet.
This is from the Kitchen into the Living Room and the doorway on the right goes to the bedroom.
This is from the table in the picture above looking towards the Kitchen.
This is my stove and sink and such.  Nothing fancy but it will look great when it's cleaned up and has Aimée's crock pot cooking up some roast!

This is from the bedroom looking at the Football Field.  You can check it out on Google Maps here just look at the Green Arrow and that is my building.  I'm on the right side (east side) of the building in the very middle facing the Football Field on the bottom floor.  
Since the Typhoon is about to hit us I am staying another day in the Hotel and I will get my TMO (shipment) on Wednesday afternoon after I take my drivers license test.  

I still have to figure out when I'm getting internet in my room and getting the car from back up by Seoul.  The Korean's have some rules about how long you can keep a temporary plate and all that jazz and the penalties are HIGH!  But either way I should have all done by next Wednesday when I plan on finally going to work.  Really looking froward to having something to do all day instead of hanging out here in the room!

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