Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chusak Weekend

Headed up to Seoul to help a friend pick up his family from the Airport.  3 kids and 2 dogs equal's Aimée's car needed to get on the road.  The problem was that it was Chusak in Korea.  Chusak is sort of like a Christmas, Family recognition, Thanksgiving kind of thing.  They honor the dead ancestors by going to their graves.  They also make meals for their ancestors and when they get back from the graves the eat the meal.  You are "obligated" to go to the oldest living brother's house in your family.  So if your Uncle is the oldest living male, everyone goes to his house.   Where this gets difficult is that we had to drive on this weekend.  Think about driving into LAX on Black Friday after Thanksgiving.  Just bad business.  Turns out that the traffic was fine.  We made the trip and had 4 hours to spare in Seoul.  So here are some pictures to enjoy from that time:

This first one is for Jessica for introducing me to Jamba Juice so long ago.  We got this at the Incheon Airport.  I don't think these guys know what Coconut tastes like, but it was still good. This was taken on the subway headed into town.
This picture is of a 7-Eleven.  I thought I was back home in California.  There were 7-elevens on two corners of the same block.  I almost thought I could smell good Mexican food, that's how much I thought I was back in Southern California (god I could use some great Mexican Food).  After the 7-Eleven sign, we headed to a pool hall and played pool for about 2 hours.  Not a bad way to kill an afternoon.
As we were waiting for the plane to arrive back at the Airport, I saw this sign and just thought it was freaking funny.  I mean, DUH! and also what bad things would you do to a cactus?  Is this a PG sign or is it meant to cover folks who would do dirty/bad things?

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