Tuesday, September 04, 2012

I made it to Seoul and back to get Aimée's car.  I had to give it a fresh new battery but other than that, Sebastian (as she has named her car) did okay since I last saw it in mid-May.  A guy from work loaned me his GPS for me to get back and it's a DAMN GOOD THING!  There is no way I would have figured it out.  The bad part was the GPS had me take surface streets the entire way.  It was only 35 miles but that took almost 2 damn hours.  Oh well.  Here's some pictures I was able to take as I drove.  I didn't get any of downtown Seoul because i was busy trying to drive and didn't want to end up as an Air Force statistic and reason for more safety briefings!

This was taken from the bus ride to Seoul.  I just thought it was a very European looking Church.
This was me enjoying traffic after I crossed the bridge headed south. 
I thought these Apartments looked like they had flying saucers on their roofs.  On a side note, I have seen maybe 10 houses total.  EVERYONE lives in these skyscraper apartments.  The country is the size of Indiana and they make the most of their space!
Here is the GPS I borrowed.  The thing is HUGE and spoke English.  However, it told me about every damn little thing.  Speed limit changes, school zones, DANGER ZONES (watch an episode or two of Archer and you will know why that is funny as hell).  Aside from the fact it took me on surface streets the entire way back, the thing ROCKED.
 Korean Wal-Mart.  Just thought it was cool.
Here is Sebastian all safe and sound on base.  Notice the plywood license plate you get here for your first 10 days.  I thought it was funny.

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  1. Anonymous10:45 PM

    You are a hoot. It's so funny reading about your escapades! Great pictures too, it's fun to see where you are living. Glad you got some wheels!~Mom~