Saturday, September 01, 2012

Room is set up

I got my A/C fixed on Friday during in processing.  The damn thing was leaking and couldn't get the room cooler than about 75.  This picture shows the strings I attached to the vent to help direct the water to a tub.  The strings guided the water so it didn't splash from 7 feet up and the screw at the bottom of the strings kept the water falling right in the tub so I didn't have a big mess on the floor. 
I finally got my room all set up the way I like it today, I think.  I had to move the bed to the other wall because both the Kitchen and Bathroom have motion sensors for the lights so when you come in the lights automatically turn on.  The problem is that each time I rolled over in my bed the damn bathroom light would come on and wake me up.  That and the bed was pointed at the TV so that's not the best move when you need to get sleep!  The previous guy had the bed under the window and that is just not an option for me either.  So I pushed the room around and have a new layout and I think it's going to work. 

Here's from the bathroom at the desk and my dart board cabinet I picked up 6 months ago at the Services Sale at Offutt.  I like it because I can't really see anything from the desk which helps when I'm doing college work.  I also have enough room for the dart board from the doorway to the living room.  
Here is the view from the window back at the bathroom with Drew's old full sheets on the bed.  (Thanks buddy)
Here's from the doorway at the TV with my new fan which is a rockstar at keeping the rooms comfortable.  It pushes the air from the cooler room (living room) into the bedroom.  They both seem to be much more balanced with the fan and the A/C fixed.
Here's the Kitchen all cleaned up and set up for use.  The crock-pot even did it's part today with the Spaghetti.
 Here's from the Kitchen at the table.  The humidor is holding the table from floating away.  You can also see my classy reclining chair.  Right behind the chair is the full size fridge.  Nice spot for a fridge!

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