Friday, November 30, 2012

SMSgt Promotion Ceremony

 We had my promotion ceremony at work.  So here are the pictures:
Here is Col Hogan talking about my career and not having my family with me.  He pointed out that next time I really need to be home with Aimée and the kids for the ceremony.
Here I am biting my lip.  I had told him that he had to keep his speech at 3 to 5 minutes.  I don't think he understood I really wanted this short.  He said some great stuff though.
Here are Chris and James tacking my stripe on.  This was the first time I had two enlisted (and Intel on top) tacking on my stripes.  Pretty cool.
Here is a poster I made for Aimée and the kids.  This was the second time in a row that they weren't with me at a promotion.  Really do miss them since without them I wouldn't be able to do this.  They are my inspiration.  
Can we eat the cake now?
 Here's Chris having my back when the AOC Chief shakes my hand.
Chris and James after tacking on my stripe!
Here is the cake I bought.  The commissary did a good job all things considered.  The blue icing really does leave a mark on folks though!

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  1. Friggin' awesome dude! Congratulation again on making Senior.