Saturday, June 22, 2013

Busan Giants Baseball Game

I went today and saw the Busan Giants play the SK Incheon Wyverns. The tickets were pretty good.  Top section of the bottom pavilion for $12.  A six pack of beer for $15.  That's how we enjoy a day!  Here's the website for the Busan Giants. They are actually the Lotte Giants who played the SK Wyverns.  Both SK and Lotte are corporate owners.  Unlike the US the city is not that important.

This picture is of the lead Cheerleader leading the fans in a cheer to start the game.  They did this A LOT!

Some more of the beginning.  The guy in the white shirt looking up at the bottom of the picture was our Tour Guide, Mr. You. 
Here's the stadium.
Here's the guy still leading the fans in cheers!
The Busan Giants waiting for the national anthem to end.
Here's the score board.  If you notice on the far right side you can see that after Runs, Hits and Errors there is a category called B.  That's actually for walks.  Haven't seen that before on a scoreboard. 
Here's the main outfield scoreboard.
Here's the cheerleader and his extra cheerleaders.  They had stages throughout the home team seats for the girls to dance on. 
Here's a video of the fans during some of the Cheers.

Here's a video from behind home plate of the fans cheering!

The only Giants store to buys stuff from. 
The intro for one of the Giants players.
If you look close the Giants team brought their cheerleader also.  He is on the stage leading the fans in cheers.
 Here's a video of the last at bat of the game.  You can hear the fans going freaking crazy rooting during the game.  It's actually pretty hard to stay up with the game with all of the chanting, yelling, standing, sitting and such.

Here's Chris and I after the game.  The Giants won 3-2.

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